For hybrid pitch renovations

White Horse Contractors Ltd partnered with GrassMaster at the end of 2020 to offer hybrid turf sports construction in England and Wales.

The company say that this partnership and increased demand for renovations on hybrid and natural turf, led them to look for the best option on the market for fraise mowing. They say they opted for the Koro FTM with Campey Turf Care System's Universe rotor.
"We have had the machine since April, and we've carried out renovations throughout the spring and summer, and it's performed very well," White Horse managing director, David Smith, said.
"We know when we set it exactly what results we'll get, and that is important for the customer and us. That precision is especially important when working on hybrid surfaces, so you don't damage any of the fibres..
"We're installing more hybrid fields at the moment due to demand and our partnership with GrassMaster in the UK, but a big part of our service is the renovation contracts and programmes that follow. We want to ensure our customers get the best service and pitch possible, and a part of us being able to provide that is the service we get from Campey.
"We run a lot of other Campey equipment, and this is a continuation of our partnership with them. We get very good customer service from Ben Taylor, and with a machine like this that is used heavily during a specific time of year, the backup is crucial. We haven't had any issues with it, but working with Campey before, we know that anything we need is sorted out quickly, and that's why we chose and continue to choose to work with them."

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