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At the start of each year the Amenity Forum run a series of free updating events for all involved or with an interest in amenity management.

These normally take place at venues across the UK. However given the current restrictions, opportunity to run these in the traditional way has been lost but the Forum are going ahead with them but online. The same technology will be used as for the Forum’s conference held in October.

The Forum says the format will be very similar to normal, with the programme starting at 10.15 and concluding by 12.30pm. There will be opportunity for questions and current issues will be covered.

The Forum says 2021 sees the UK fully depart from the EEU bringing with it new regulations on plant protection products. The UK is also issuing a new national action plan relating to amenity management in 2021. Just these two items present challenges and opportunities. The events also give opportunity to catch up on new developments and innovations and what is required to meet the Amenity Standard, set to become a requirement in future.

Whilst the content of each event will be broadly the same, each will have a particular nation focus. The dates are given below, and each event is free to attend but pre-registration is required. If you would like to register or receive further information, please contact

Full programmes for each event will be available early in 2021.

  • February 9th England
  • February 11th Wales
  • February 23rd England
  • February 25th Northern Ireland
  • March 4th Scotland

Professor John Moverley OBE, independent chairman of the Forum, said, "As I often say, what happens in amenity management impacts upon every UK citizen every day, seeking to provide safe and healthy spaces fit for purpose. The importance of this has never been more apparent in the last year. Our Updating events are always popular and relevant, but this year is set to be more than ever. There is much change around and how we address this will be vital."

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