New owners for chipper maker

Timberwolf announced that on Tuesday this week (Oct 26th) the company was acquired by the Alamo Group.

Based at Seguin, Texas, the Alamo Group owns many brands in the agricultural equipment and forestry sector. Timberwolf’s position as a designer and manufacturer of wood chippers makes this acquisition a fit for Alamo Group’s newly formed Vegetation Management Division (which includes forestry and tree care operations).

“The completion of the sale provides enormous opportunity for the business,” said Timberwolf managing director, Chris Perry. “Joining such a prestigious organisation will allow Timberwolf to accelerate many of the strategic projects we have already identified. Alamo Group have a clear approach to sustainability which aligns to our own existing business values so we’re very excited about the opportunities that this acquisition will bring”.  

Timberwolf say they now expect, as a wholly owned business within the Alamo Group, they will be able to further strengthen their brand and market position by strengthening product innovation to meet future opportunities. 

Jeff Leonard, Alamo Group’s president and chief executive officer commented, “Timberwolf builds upon, and compliments, our existing range of tree care products and strengthens our presence in the U.K. and European forestry and tree care markets.  

 "We are pleased that Timberwolf’s management team will remain with the company and we look forward to working closely with them to drive the company’s future growth.”

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