Giving away garden products

As STIGA approaches its 90th anniversary, the manufacturer has announced the launch of a new campaign called 'We Care, That You Care'

The company says its goal is to support 90 community garden groups throughout the UK, honouring each year of their 90th anniversary, by empowering others with their garden products.

In a statement the manufacturer said, "STIGA believes that everyone deserves the chance to cultivate beautiful spaces responsibly, and during 2024 the team are giving away their eco-friendly garden products to community garden groups, up and down the UK, for free!"

They say the campaign is aimed at a diverse array of community groups, from schools and hospital gardens to urban gardens, food bank gardens, community gardens and guerrilla gardeners. They believe each one of these groups represents a unique opportunity for them to engage, help and empower local communities.

Communities and individuals associated with the community group can contact STIGA through a dedicated web page, where information about their project will be collected and products selected that will benefit their project. This process, says the company, ensures every aspiring group has an equal opportunity to be chosen.

STIGA are now asking anyone responsible for any non-profit, community group or charity that looks after a green space and would like to receive products from their garden product range for free, to register on the website.  

The company's judging panel will assess applications and will notify successful parties, stating the free products that will be donated to their community group.

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