Blowers and sweepers

Reesink Agriculture have announced they are the the new distributor for AgriMetal blowers and collectors in the UK.

A range of three low decibel three-point linkage mounted debris blowers and two high capacity collectors, for use by sports, grounds and other turf customers, are now available.

Reesink’s managing director David Cole said, “I’ve worked with AgriMetal before and recognise it as a popular blower line with great reliability and features, so when the opportunity arose recently to bring it in under our newly formed Agricultural division here at Reesink we didn’t hesitate. Customers responded to the brand’s performance, build quality and competitive pricing in the past and I am sure will do so again.”

There are three leaf and debris blowers available. All are tractor mounted with the BW2500 requiring 25hp at the PTO, BW3500 35hp and BW4500, 45hp respectively. They have an aluminium rather than steel impellor, which Reesink say, because it requires less energy at full throttle, delivers a quieter, smoother and vibration free operation.

Joining the blowers are two collectors, the Tuff Vac and Multi Vac. The Tuff Vac comes in two variants, PTO driven for use with a a 35hp+ tractor, or with its own 27hp engine allowing it to be towed by a smaller tractor or larger utility vehicle. The Multi Vac is pulled and powered by any 50hp or higher tractor.

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