Targeted at military service leavers

John Deere is calling on former and soon-to-be ex-servicemen and women to consider joining its dealership network as qualified technicians.

With many transferrable skills, the manufacturer believes those with experience of military machines will be perfectly placed for a new career working with advanced agricultural and turfcare equipment. 

The company has announced that it will hold a free online careers event on 1 September 2022, where attendees will hear from individuals who have transitioned from military service into the John Deere dealership network. 

One speaker will be ex-serviceman William Foster who left the Army after 23 years' service and completed multiple operational tours including Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

Upon leaving, he was faced with the prospect of securing new employment - a task further complicated by the first Covid lockdown beginning just four days after he left the services.

Although he didn’t get the first job he originally applied for at John Deere, it did, however, make him more determined to pursue a career within the agricultural engineering sector and focus his attention on how to best achieve his goals.

“Not getting that job made me realise just how much I wanted to work with John Deere,” William says.

“I decided to own that dream, put a professional spin on it and see if I could turn it into my next full career.”

To gain experience, William volunteered his time at one of John Deere’s dealerships and secured a job at another, before finally landing his ultimate job as an agricultural engineer at Ben Burgess in Oakham, Rutland.

“The similarities between this role and my career in the Army are uncanny,” William says.

“I look at the depot as my Forward Operating Base, the surrounding areas as my Area of Responsibility and the enemy as being breakdowns to deal with.

“If you can fix a tank, you can fix a tractor.”

John Deere is holding the online careers event for anyone who wants to find out more about the role of a qualified technician, working in either the turf or agricultural sector, on 1 September at 7pm.

The event is open to all who register for free on this link.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to work in the agricultural industry,” says John Deere branch training manager, Allan Cochran. 

“It’s a great, rewarding career that can take you anywhere in the world, working with an internationally recognised and respected brand.”

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