On greens and approaches

Mat Edwards, course manager at Looe Golf Club in Cornwall, says that his new Hunter Irrigation system, supplied by KAR UK and installed by Full Circle Irrigation Ltd, has signalled instant improvements on the greens and approaches.

Mat has been working at the club for six years, three of which have been as the course manager. Along with his three full-time greenkeepers, Mat has worked tirelessly to bring about some huge improvements to the course.

However, he claims that perhaps the biggest impact has been the result of the new Hunter Irrigation system which was recently installed. Which was much needed according to Mat.

“I knew that the previous system was just not up to scratch,” he said. “Some sprinklers wouldn’t work, there were a few leaks and I could not rely on it at all. Considering the prolonged periods of drought we have been experiencing over the past couple of years, it was imperative that we had a good irrigation system.

“Therefore, an appraisal on the system was carried out by Irritech Limited, and they basically condemned it. I then showed the report to the club’s owner and he gave me the green light to push ahead with a new system.”

It was at this point that Mat met with Wesley Henshaw from KAR UK, distributors of Hunter Golf Irrigation who was introduced to the club by David Bevan of Agrovista Amenity. After being impressed by Wesley’s product knowledge, Looe Golf Club purchased a new system consisting of Hunter G885 Decoder-In-Head sprinklers to be controlled by the Hunter Pilot CCS PC-based central control system.

“The system has had an instant impact and is already making a difference,” said Mat. “Within two weeks the grass on the greens had grown and lushed up more than I could have expected - and this was in a period where we didn’t have any rainfall for six weeks.

“These sprinklers really are powerful,” he continued. “The course here is very exposed because we are situated so high up, so I was worried about drift. But these sprinklers are not affected by the wind - the nozzles ensure that the water goes exactly where you want it to. Furthermore, I can control the system through my phone so I can even operate it at home.

“One of the main reasons for purchasing this Hunter system was to try and improve the greens and now they will be stronger through the summer and healthier going into winter."

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