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Recently I was fortunate to be invited to the first of the three UK Green Flag Award Ceremonies at Port Sunlight that take place each year.

These events take place at different parts of the country to enable Green Flag award winners from all areas to attend.

They are nice, informal events that enable this year’s 1,900 plus UK winners to receive their coveted Green Flag Award plaque. This year saw a record number of awards - 1,971 (compared to 1,887in 2018).

The event was opened by Paul Todd Accreditation Manger for Green Flag who spoke about the success of this year’s award scheme and the benefits it brings to the wider community.

Worldwide, the Green Flag Award scheme grows in record numbers including a 25% increase outside of the UK. Today the Green Flag Award scheme reached a record breaking 2,096 accredited parks and green spaces across 14 countries and spanning 4 continents - more than any other parks accreditation scheme in the world. 126 of these are accredited parks and green spaces from outside the UK, marking a huge 25% increase as the Award establishes a worldwide reputation.

To find out more, or apply for an Award, whichever country you are based in, visit the website.

If you know of a park or a country not yet involved in the Green Flag Award that might be interested, get in touch with the Green Flag Award team: 

In 2019 so far, countries engaged in the scheme include:

  • Australia 7
  • Belgium 5
  • Finland 5
  • Germany 2
  • Mexico 2
  • The Netherlands 5
  • New Zealand 26
  • Portugal 3
  • Republic of Ireland 60
  • Spain 4
  • Sweden 1
  • Turkey 1
  • United Arab Emirates 5
  • United Kingdom 1970

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