By Complete Weed Control

In light of increasing public scrutiny over glyphosate, Complete Weed Control (CWC) has announced the launch of their online glyphosate resource.

The company say the website is but one facet of their ongoing campaign to address the misinformation and fear mongering that is pervading the industry. The layout is that of a ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) library containing useful information such as which qualifications are required to use glyphosate professionally; what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is necessary and how soon after application people and animals can use the treated area.

Designed with various stakeholders in mind including members of the public, local authorities and industry operatives, CWC say there is also a wealth of information available through the “Resources” section: from links to related articles from the European Food Safety Authority, to operative-oriented advice on tender specification, complaint handling and application advice.

The concept was brought about following CWC’s successful “Glyphosate Roadshows” - staged in numerous venues throughout the UK - having been attended by over 150 local authority delegates from across the country.

Speaking at the seminar, Complete Weed Control’s managing director, Ian Graham, said, “There has been a considerable and sustained volume of frankly unsubstantiated bad press and much negativity surrounding this product - so we felt it was essential that we explore the reality and present the data that exists from numerous agencies around the world that have all declared this product to be safe.”

Indeed, this data is now readily available through the website and its primary function say the company, is to act as a uniform point of reference for common questions posed by members of the public to spray operatives. All Complete Weed Control employees will now be equipped with a wallet-sized card that displays both a text URL and QR code that leads the enquirer to the FAQ.

To help tackle the growing public concern for glyphosate use in amenity space, Complete Weed Control is offering a similar service with bespoke rebranding for local authorities whom will be able to disseminate their own cards throughout their constituency. Any local authorities interested in this service should contact Complete Weed Control.

To view the new glyphosate website visit

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