Formation of Origin Amenity Solutions

Origin Enterprise Plc publicly announced the formation of a new business, comprising of four amenity industry brand names; Headland Amenity, Rigby Taylor, Symbio and TurfKeeper - with a joint presence at the Festival Of Turf..

Building upon the individual strengths of these four business, Origin Amenity Solutions said in a statement they will be operating at the " . . leading-edge of plant science and turf technology with such leading products and integrated pest management and microbiology programmes including the ’R’ range of Tetraploid seed mixtures; Multigreen fertilizers, Tri-Cure AD, Breaker, IDM tank mix disease programmes, Chikara, Compost Tea Packs, Blue Water and Lake Shadow for water management, Nutri-Link liquids and Cold Start granular fertilizers, Impact line marking paints and robotic technology."

In addition, this new business will be supported by the parallel launch of a dedicated amenity research & development facility based in Essex. The Origin Amenity Turf Science & Technology Centre, through an investment of £500,000, will comprise of extensive trial grounds comprising fine (poa/bent) grasses and ryegrass, sports pitch surfaces. The trial grounds have a fully functioning Rain Bird irrigation system installed, Davis Weather monitoring and recording station station, Soil Scout below ground ‘real time’ monitoring of temperature, moisture and salinity and the low invasive, ground water dynamics drainage system. Completing this extensive trials area will be greenhouses, fully equipped laboratory and conference facilities - all dedicated to identifying, developing and informing the industry on new and innovative products, techniques and practices.

Commenting on this announcement, managing director Chris Clark stated, “The decision taken to bring these four companies together as one business will enable customers to continue to benefit from their individual character and nature (which will not change), whilst at the same time maximising their complementary skills, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all."

Chris continued, “Changes in climatic conditions are dramatically challenging and shaping our environment so it is vital we confront these head on by seeking solutions so as to mitigate their effect."

Richard Fry, marketing manager at Rigby Taylor, who has been charged with bringing these four companies together under the Origin Amenity banner, says of the partnership: “Four companies, one objective, excellence! 

“That’s excellence in product technology and development, in product quality and supply and in customer support and service. Our overriding focus is that our customers keep on returning but the product does not!

“It is perhaps not understood within the industry that over 86% of our technical field sales management team have at one time been practicing greenkeeper’s, grounds persons or landscapers. This level of experience and expertise we believe is unique and provides customers with the confidence that the challenges they face on a day to-to-day basis is fully understood. We are not just there to sell product but to solve problems.”

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