Battery powered mowing at stadium

Described by FIFA as ‘the greenest football club in the world’, Forest Green Rovers' grounds manager, Nigel Harvey, has praised the improvements in both operation and finish achieved with the club’s new duo of 34” Infinicut FL’s compared to their previous petrol-driven units.  

Nine months into his role, and with the assistance of club apprentice Matt Berry, Nigel says his transition from the Forest Green training ground to the stadium was a swift and steep learning curve. “I had only used petrol mowers previously and because of the speed of the handover, when I took over at The New Lawn Ground, I stuck to what I knew. That was until Oliver Hall from Infinicut came in and did some training with me on the pair of floating head units and I just could not believe how good they were.

“It’s not just the fact they’re battery powered, which obviously means they’re quiet to operate and aren’t kicking out noxious fumes, but it’s the quality of cut too which is just outstanding. Within the time it took me to mow half the pitch I could tell the definition of stripe and cleanliness of cut was far superior to what we had been using. With fewer conventional tools and techniques at my disposal to tackle issues such as disease control, the balance and adjustability of the Infinicut delivers the perfect cut - with no shredding or bruising - to maintain plant health.”   

Along with the two FL 34’s, Nigel has also got a range of TMSystem cassettes as his disposal including the SarelRoller and ThatchMaster, which will be of particular use in preparing the surface for next season. The club say they are also looking at adding further battery powered equipment to their fleet, with the aim of significantly reducing petrol usage at the stadium. 

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