Find out potential time and cost savings

A new calculator has launched to help greenkeepers work out the potential savings in machinery costs and man hours from using a PGR programme to cut mowing requirements on fairways.

The Primo Maxx Cost Calculator uses a club's current costs and routine of fairway cutting, to give an instant answer for its potential savings from a reduced frequency of mowing.

An independent survey of management on a range of golf courses revealed the average time taken to mow fairways was 11 man hours for each cut.

 Syngenta say for courses cutting fairways three times per week, the use of Primo Maxx II to eliminate one cut per week through the season could see potential machinery cost savings of over £3000 per year, along with more than £5000 value of labour input.

The calculator allows users to input their own costs for labour - for operating and machinery maintenance - the cost of fuel, repairs and mower depreciation.

Syngenta technical manager, Glenn Kirby, highlighted fairways are the largest areas of playing surface on the golf course, and for many take the greatest amount of labour to cut and manage.

“The calculator enables club’s to look more closely at techniques to reduce labour or lift turf quality. This allows labour to be redirected to other areas as well as reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of machinery.

“We have seen from the results of the STRI Lockdown Trial that there is real potential for lower intensity turf management, whilst retaining turf quality and playability,” Glenn reported.

“Primo Maxx II is integral to reducing workloads and managing costs.” The STRI trials showed an average 35% reduction in turf growth from the treatment programmes.

Glenn pointed out that using the calculator can demonstrate Primo Maxx II use to reduce mowing will also lower the wear and tear on machines and potentially extend their working life. “These are hidden costs that are rarely looked at, but can make a significant difference to the financial challenges golf clubs face," he said.

The Primo Maxx Calculator is free to use among the Greencast Tools for more efficient turf management.

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