Dore and Totley GC

Dore and Totley Golf Club is the first club in South Yorkshire to take delivery of Toro’s all-electric Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 greens mower.

The machine which joins the all-Toro fleet was delivered by dealers Yorkshire Turf Machinery, a sales division of Cheshire Turf Machinery. Managing director of the dealership, Steve Halley, said of the installation, “This is the fourth electric greensmower we’ve sold. Despite economic uncertainty and tightening of budgets, people see the value this kind of technology can bring.”

Peter Bowden is course manager at Dore and Totley, He said “As soon as one of the frontline greensmowers needed replacing it was a done deal that it would be the Toro eTriFlex 3370 we brought in. I have been focussed on bringing about the best possible return on investment for the club and we run a very efficient operation. 

“One of the first things I did was invest in Toro’s fairway machines and Sidewinders so we can go right over the edges of the bunkers, reducing the time spent strimming. These machines are incredibly efficient and have saved so much time. We outsource our bunker brushing now too, that’s done by two students nine hours a week over three days. It makes economic sense for the three-man greens team to be working on things that utilise their skills in other areas. 

“In addition, the board decided to use my sports maintenance company to supply the machines (Toro of course) and the staff to do all the rough cutting, which means the club doesn’t have to cover the outlay for the machines or the additional maintenance costs associated with them.

“All these changes have added up to an increase in income for the club and reduced costs, giving the best return on investment,” says Peter. “It made complete sense to choose Toro’s eTriFlex 3370. With the full support of the directors, who are determined to keep moving the club forward, the environmental benefits are important. However, this machine will save us money in the long run, on fuel, running and maintenance costs. There is a slight increase in the monthly outlay, but that is off-set by the increase in quality and service the eTriFlex brings."

Peter says of the relationship between dealer and club, “We do all the servicing and maintenance of the machines and a significant contributing factor as to why we continue to choose Toro is the availability of parts. I know that if we need help or advice it’s on the end of the phone with Steve and the team at Yorkshire Turf Machinery. If we’ve taken apart a machine and need a part, we’ll have it in under 72 hours. It’s so convenient. Ordering is direct with Toro distributor Reesink online via a mobile phone.”

It really has been a mutual effort at Dore and Totley as Peter finishes by saying: “The whole greens team, all the club’s committees and Steve Roberts, the professional and his team, have been working hard to take the club forward both on and off the course. The improvements have brought in new members as well as increased numbers of visitors and societies.”

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