Collaboration sees new pro battery range

It has been announced that high grass specialist AS-Motor and the cordless specialist Ego have worked together on AS-Motor’s next generation of battery powered high grass mowers.

Known as the new ‘Electric’ product line, AS-Motor and Ego are launching their first cross-brand and cross-manufacturer battery platform range of mowers and weed removers for the professional sector.

The new ‘Electric’ line is powered by the recently developed Ego Power Unit, which draws its energy from the Ego 56V ARC lithium battery range.

The manufacturers' say their cooperation offers professional users an increased range of applications of battery powered tools. From EGO’s own hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chain saws, brush cutters, lawn mowers to the inclusion of new product families from AS-Motor to include professional lawn mowers, mulching lawn mowers, weed removers and high grass mowers.

In the UK, the AS-Motor range is distributed by PSD Groundscare. Managing Director Chris Gibson said, “The expansion of the range of battery powered equipment with extended run times will provide our customers and dealers with high performance professional low noise machines that produce zero emissions and lower hand arm vibration. This means they’re a win-win for customers, operators and the environment that we can’t wait to get demonstrating to our customers”.

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