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The Amenity Forum has proposed a Day of Celebration for our amenity and groundscare sector in 2020.

Professor John Moverley, Independent Chairman of the Amenity Forum said, "I am often heard to say that what happens in amenity management impacts upon every UK citizen every day. Those who maintain, prepare and develop our amenity spaces and sports surfaces are the unsung heroes and we need to increase public awareness of what is done, seeking to create safe, healthy spaces and surfaces fit for purpose.

"We also need to highlight the professional standards in our sector. Top quality pitches and well maintained parks and pavements do not appear by accident but yet often the quality is only mentioned by the public when something goes wrong or is perceived to do so. Again, as I often say, the sector needs to be proud of what it does and shout about it.

"So in 2020, we have an idea. We would like to designate a date in the late summer when the whole sector, with all its diversity, celebrates what it does and brings it to the attention of all. We would like individual organisations, clubs, societies, and indeed all engaged in amenity management, to join in on that day. Our suggestion is that each organisation who takes part engage in some form of charitable activity, raising money for good causes of their choice, local or national, and all under the umbrella of this day of celebration. We would all seek to publicise this day and really increase the profile of our sector.

"2020 is also the year when the new Amenity Standard is being fully launched and promoted. This has strong support from policy makers and is set to be a game changer for our sector. The Amenity Standard is a bespoke quality management standard that has been developed, as a partnership, by all sides of the amenity sector. Those operating to the Standard will be committed to an integrated approach to amenity management and to the highest professional standards. They will be members of an approved assurance scheme recognised by the Standard.

"Our hope would be that on this special celebration day, we would link this to the establishment of the Standard demonstrating fully to all involved not just of the importance of what is done in amenity, but also the high professional standards employed.

"So what's next – well we would like to hear your views and whether you would be interested in participating in such a day. It can only work if enough get behind it.

"TurfPro are already backing this idea and if you want to do so or can help in any way, contact the either  or "

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