Bill now buried for good

On the 22nd of November 2023 EU lawmakers rejected a proposal from the bloc’s executive arm to set legally binding targets to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030 and a ban on all pesticide use in areas such public parks, playgrounds and schools.

After a series of amendments watered down the proposal of the EU's executive Commission, the bill was rejected in a 299 to 207 vote, with 121 abstentions. It buried the bill for good and any new proposal would need to start from scratch after June elections for members of the European Parliament.

The Independent said the vote came less than a week after the use of the controversial chemical herbicide glyphosate in the 27-nation bloc was extended for 10 more years.

The European Commission said last year that current rules limiting the use of pesticides were too weak and had not been applied consistently across the EU.
The EU’s main agricultural group, COPA-COGECA, welcomed the rejection of the bill and called for an improved dialogue between farmers and the 27-nation bloc's institutions.

TurfPro editor, Laurence Gale, said, "No doubt there will be many turf professionals and farmers who will be pleased with announcement.

"The important factor is that we as an industry continue to use pesticides in a professional manner and work collectively to reduce the use of pesticides and implement appropriate IPM strategies to combat the threat of weeds pest and diseases."

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