Achievement for Ground Control

Ground Control, the supplier of landscaping and maintenance services, say they have reached their goal of achieving carbon neutral certification four years ahead of schedule.

The company's certification by the Carbon Trust followed a detailed analysis of its carbon emissions, illustrating their commitment to fight climate change.

Carbon neutrality has been achieved by reducing carbon emissions through a combination of in-house efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy, and offsetting remaining emissions through external projects.

“We are delighted to have beaten our initial target of becoming carbon neutral by 2025,” said Ground Control CEO Simon Morrish. “With the help of the Carbon Trust, we calculated our carbon emissions in our operations, which has helped us to identify where we can do more in the future.

“We strive to improve our sustainability but there are emissions we can’t avoid, so we purchased verified offsets such as tree planting and renewable energy production through wind and solar to compensate for these inescapable emissions.”

The Carbon Trust’s assessment revealed a significant share of the company’s emissions use came from fuels used to operate its vehicle fleet and equipment, together with the energy required to run its offices, depots and facilities.

In response, emphasis will continue to be made on lowering energy use in the company’s field operations and offices, in particular:

  • Electric vehicles - all company cars will be converted to EVs within the next two years. A review of the commercial fleet is also underway with plans to eliminate the use of higher emission vehicles as soon as possible.
  • Battery-powered tools - along with trailing and using battery-operated tools in several services, it’s committed to converting to 100% battery-powered hand tools for all work by 2025.
  • Renewable energy - green energy suppliers will be used for heating and powering of offices – landlords and employees are encouraged and incentivised to do likewise.
  • Tree planting - several tree-planting projects with partners and clients have already been undertaken, and it’s hoped additional projects will emerge to help offset future unavoidable emissions

To ensure the company’s ambitious growth strategy is aligned with its environmental commitments, Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainable Leadership is reviewing Ground Control’s wider environmental strategy. Later this year it will publish a five-year plan, focusing on client and supply chain engagement together with establishing science-based targets to help the transition to becoming net zero.

“We are passionate about making a positive and sustainable difference, and this combined with the critical nature of the climate emergency provided a focus for us in accelerating our plans to become carbon neutral,” said Simon Morrish. “As we continue on this journey, it’s essential all companies begin to address their transition to net zero today.”

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