Recruitment on hold

Bernhard Company say they are disappointed to announce that the recruitment for the educational opportunity for greenKeepers, the BIGGA delegation, has been postponed.

Following the announcement from BIGGA and GCSAA that BTME and GIS will not be taking place due to the current health concern, Bernhard say it comes to no surprise that they will be unable to go ahead with the BIGGA delegation.

The team at Bernhard say they are still very keen to promote education and to encourage greenkeepers to think about ways to enhance their careers.

Steven Nixon, director for Bernhard Company said, “On what will be the 20th anniversary of the delegation, we were really looking forward to celebrating present and past delegates. We are looking at different ways to support BIGGA and its members in these challenging times”.

Stephen Bernhard, chairman, added, “Keeping safe is more important than ever and although it is a challenging time, we are determined to carry on working with BIGGA to bring more opportunities to British greenkeepers.”

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