With Defra

The Amenity Forum say they already offers a series of guidance notes and video material on integrated approaches to weed, pest and disease management and, in 2020, published an extensive document on the subject in relation to weed control, along with a template to help amenity organisations produce integrated plans.

They say integrated approaches are long established in the sector but it is clear that, with the great emphasis being placed by government on this topic, it would be beneficial to further improve both access to and content of guidance to all operating in amenity and sports surface management.

As such the Forum say they are in "positive and collaborative dialogue" with Defra as to how this can be achieved.

Defra published its Pollinator Action Plan recently and in it was the following reference to part of this work. 

Work with stakeholders, including local authorities, to: 

1. support the development of guidance on the use of pesticides by amenity managers, including IPM and sustainable approaches for weed control which consider pollinators. 

2. explore ways to maximise uptake of IPM by amenity users

John Moverley, independent chairman of the Amenity Forum, said, "We have been in dialogue for some time with the Defra team about creating better access to guidance on integrated management. Whilst the publication of the much anticipated UK National Action Plan has been delayed, it is clear that the production of Integrated Plans will feature strongly.

"As such we welcome direct input into helping improve guidance. Integrated approaches involve creating plans for management making use of all tools available including pesticides  to provide the required outcome in a way which protects the environment and minimises carbon emissions."

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