Charity issues warning

According to a specialist charity 94% of local green spaces or parks (over 20,000) could disappear tomorrow.

Green space charity Fields in Trust, says green open spaces and parks across Great Britain, equivalent to twice the size of London could be lost forever, unless communities proactively encourage their local authorities and park owners to step up and protect today.

The charity say they are urging everyone to get behind its ParkXtinction campaign which aims to protect those parks that are currently endangered, before it’s too late and they are lost to building development, forever. They are urging everyone to check if their local park is one of those on the endangered list.

For those that are in danger, they say action can be taken to protect them. Green spaces can be legally protected via a deed of dedication, by forming a binding legal commitment, requiring owners to preserve sites for recreational use forever.

Helen Griffiths, chief executive, Fields in Trust said, “My hope for COP26 is that the bold actions that are needed to meet the challenges ahead are recognised.

“Local response to climate action is crucial, and parks can play an important role in creating a greener and fairer economy. They can help tackle health and opportunity inequalities among communities and we must, without question, commit to preserving the green lungs of our towns and cities.

“This all sits within the powers of our local leaders, and this is an opportunity now to change the way we think about the contribution local green spaces make to our health, our wellbeing, our environment, and ultimately our futures.

“These parks and green spaces are under threat today, from financial and development pressures and it is up to all of us to stem this cycle of disappearance and decline. Our children and grandchildren deserve to have the same green space opportunities that we did, so we need to act today before it’s too late.

“I call upon local authorities, private landowners and members of the public to check if the local park you enjoy today is endangered via this ParkXtinction link.” 

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